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How do I maintain my jewelry’s shine?

All JEWELRY PUZZLE have been treated with a technique that helps to prevent loss of shine. However, it is still important that you follow our suggested care instructions.

What to Avoid

Your jewellery is susceptible to damage from the effects of chemicals commonly found in perfume, hair products, cosmetics, cleaning products, and body lotions/oils. To pro-long the life of your jewellery, make it a practice to be the last thing you put on.

Chlorine, salt-water and fresh water can damage precious metals and gemstones by dulling or eroding them over time. Gold and silver are particularly susceptible to damage from chlorine, which can permanently damage or discolour them. Soapy water when bathing can also leave a thin film, which makes the metal seem dull.


How to Clean

Clean your jewellery with a soft, non-abrasive, and lint-free cloth. (Eye-glass cloths are a handy option.) This helps maintain and or bring back its shine. If necessary, you can use a mild, liquid dish soap (diluted to avoid leaving film) with warm water and a soft lint-free cloth, then rinse with clean water and pat dry with a soft cloth.
Avoid using “dip” polish or abrasive jewellery cleaners as these can contain harsh chemicals that are damaging to jewellery over time. Jewellery polishing cloths which have been treated with cleaners or polishing agents should only ever be used on solid sterling silver items. Do not use these on gold vermeil, or rhodium plated silver.